"The Wray Forward"

Neighbourhood Planning… or “The Wray Forward”?

The Wray Forward: geddit? Yes, it’s a lame pun but honestly, it’s a huge improvement on my other ideas for a catchy title…

So what’s this all about? Many of us attended a meeting in the Institute in July to find out more /express our opinions on some proposed housing development in Wray. At that meeting, we were invited to indicate if we would like to form a “Neighbourhood Planning” group. Well, some of us did and we’d like to tell you what we’ve been up to since.

Neighbourhood Planning? What’s that? This is the term used when a group produces a plan for how they would like their area to develop over the next few years.

What’s the point? Will it make any difference? Yes! New legislation gives this plan real teeth. Any proposed development MUST be in keeping with this plan. Development cannot be imposed on an area if it contravenes the Neighbourhood Plan.

What goes into the plan? Our plan should reflect and explain what is special about our area and also how we want to protect and develop it in the future to make sure it stays special.

Who decides what goes into the plan? Everybody in the area! We want to hear your views and ideas. The group will be carrying out surveys and talking to groups to find out your opinions and drafting a plan based on what you tell us. So PLEASE tell us! Or better still, come and join us (contact details and dates of future meetings, below). When the plan is ready, everybody will be asked to vote to say if they support it. A good turn-out and a resounding “yes” is pretty important, so please make sure your views are represented. If you’d like us to come and talk to/listen to your group, let us know too. We don’t want anyone to be missed out (including our youngest neighbours. So children – we really want to hear from you!).

How will I know what’s happening? We want to make sure that we keep everyone up to date as much as we possibly can. So check the Parish Council Notice board, outside the Post Office, or check the village website, where we’re setting up a page. We’ll try to put updates here, in the Wrayly Mail each month too.
This month we will be focusing on finalising the Plan's area boundary, agreeing the community survey format and the arrangements/dates for running it; setting out a draft vision and objectives and then asking for your views on them.
It’s our neighbourhood, so let’s shape it together.

Future dates of meetings: October 9th and 23rd, 7pm village institute

Contact us on: wraynpg@gmail.com or 015242 36233 or speak to us! You’ll find the names of who’s in the group on the noticeboard.

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