Notes of Meeting 4 - 9 October 2014

Neighbourhood Planning Sub-group: Meeting 4

Note of the Meeting
Attendees:, Ken Hartley, Bob Smith, Cath Halstead, Jonathan Ingham, Tamsin Hartley, Corinne Singleton, Jo Postlethwaite Robert Partington, Dave Hartnup, John Holcroft,

Apologies:  Keith Sykes, James Staveley, Bill Bowman, John Yellowley, Carol Wallace

*      Note of previous meeting: this was agreed.  Outstanding actions:  On Agenda or completed – tbc o/s DH funding Harold Bridges from Meeting 2

*      Declaration of interests: no interests were declared in relation to any agenda item.

*      News, gossip and updates!      
·         TH reported back on the LALC meeting attended with Peter Edge.  Positive discussion of rural housing issues.  LALC have sent initial letters to the Forest of Bowland, English Heritage, Natural England, and the group looking at the potential expansion of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  They have decided after this meeting to invite the two MPs to meet with them to discuss housing issues in more detail (with City and County councillors invited too).

·         Confirmed that the attendees at the City Council Neighbourhood Planning event (29.10.14) will be JI, RP, KH & PC member  or JH -To confirm 4 places required with the Council.                                                                                                                                             Action TH

·         Positive news – Locality have approved the Direct Support application.  This means they are putting it forward to government (DCLG) for their final decision on the 25th October.  However because they know we would like some input into boundary decisions urgently, they have asked if we might be prioritised further for this element.  Hoping to hear about this in the first half of next week.  Will wait to finalise boundary note till then.                                             Action TH

*      Consultation – CS has contacted the school and had a really useful and lively first meeting with the School Council.  The children have been very enthusiastic about being involved in thinking about the future of their community.  The list of community groups for the first consultation letter was discussed and amplified.  CS to draft the content for the November Wrayly Mail, to reinforce the first consultation questions and ways to get involved and get in touch with the group.                                                                                                                                                      Action CS

*      Communication  – CH has completed the posting up of information to the new blogspot which Chris Conder has now linked to the village website (Wray Neighbourhood Plan Group now listed under the groups on the left-hand side).  Vital group asset, and great to be able to share information quickly in this way.  CH to send link round to group so that they can have a look and make any suggestions for content etc.  JI suggested that it would be positive for the group to have its own artwork/logo (current image can still be used, but is a general free-use image, not specific to a Wray NP).  Everyone agreed a unique identity would be valuable – JI to produce and send to Group for views, and once agreed to be used on all posters/paperwork etc to create a ‘brand’.             Action CH, JI

*      Funding and finances – KH and TH had attended the Hornby regional funding fair.  Most funding available is for capital projects (ie things that will come out of the NP process) rather than for research/consultation.  The local Nat Merriman fund may help with creative and arts-based ways to involve young people.  The funds summary information/contacts and leaflets collected were passed to JI for investigation and a future overview and briefing of the group (to be timetabled – second November meeting?)

*      LETTER AND INFORMATION FOR CONSULTATION 1 – assets and issues list, as well as the groups/mechanisms list, considered along with the logistics and dates.  TH to circulate final versions for quick comment, with the boundary note to follow later (see above).                                                                                                                                      Action TH
Determined that the most effective information point will be the Institute’s computer room.  Suggestions are being sought for its future use, and NP Group to request that it becomes the information point for the duration of the process with pin-boards to be purchased and fixed to the walls as a matter of urgency if request agreed to.  CH to investigate/organise.                                                                                                                                                                      Action CH
Small A4 posters can then be put at other key points around the village, directing people to the Institute and the NP website/Blog Spot.  These small posters to be put up at the Church, Chapel, tea-rooms, pub, post-office and on the Institute outside boards.  CH and BS volunteered to organise this and delivery of the letters.  220 copies required – one page, double-sided, folded (CH to organise printing and notify JI of the costs for sign-off etc).  Letters to be delivered on the 17.10.09 with a request that replies are ‘posted’ back by 27.10.14 if possible, so that views can be assessed in advance of first November NP meeting which the Council will attend.                                                                                                                                          Action CH, BS
Two NP ‘post-boxes’ to be produced and set up at the Post-office and the Institute for responses.                                                                                                                 Action CH

*      COMMUNITY SURVEY – KH and TH fed back the results of the meeting this week with the City Council.  They have not thought about what they might require/recommend as a common core for such surveys (eg for read-across), but will comment on what the NP Group produces.  Also to provide the definitions of key terms that they are working to (eg affordability, local connection etc) for information/reference.  Agreed that the City Council can provide advice on data protection; make available any parish level information/data held to help inform the NPlan; identify its strategic Planning policies; and help drill down where relevant on housing/planning monitoring statistics collected. Also agreed that early consideration of SEA screening requirements by the Council will be needed due to the AoNB context and environmental sensitivity/value of the area – this can probably be considered once aims and objectives are finalised.
General discussion of previous examples of surveys circulated, priority topics and past experiences of conducting surveys locally took place.  TH to put together a base example for further consideration – will need to collect base information, focus on housing and other land use issues, and identify areas for more detailed consideration (eg business needs) at a later date to make sure the survey is not too long.                                                                         Action TH

*      Key tasks and timetable: discussed with City Council at meeting this week in outline.  Some slippage will inevitably occur and it will be a ‘live’ document.  Updated version to be discussed at next meeting, and then shared with the Council at first November meeting.                                                                                                                     Action TH
*      Any other business:  the final version of the Development Management DPD (policies core for the Local Plan) due to be presented to full Council on 17th December.  JY had e-mailed to say he thought it was vital that the NP Group knew the final policy sets, so that it could determine where it could best add value.  General agreement that a briefing and summary from JY on this at the first November meeting would certainly be important/valuable.                              Action JY

*      Date of next meeting: confirmed as Thursday 23rd October 2014, at 7.00pm in the Institute.  

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