Initial Survey - LETTER & QUESTIONS

                                                                                                                   October 2014
Please read and action – we need your help

Hello -

This July concerns at large-scale housing numbers put forward by Lancaster Council, and the listing of several big potential sites in Wray, were discussed at a villagers’ meeting.  One action coming out of this was the setting up of a sub-group of the Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced in 2011, and hundreds are underway or completed – but we are the first ones to start one here.  Neighbourhood Plans are different because they have legal status.  They are voted on by you, and if supported actually become part of the Council’s Planning policies.

Neighbourhood Plans focus on local priorities for the future use of land.  Producing one involves the collection of local data, and the Council has to arrange formal consultations and an examination of our Plan. 

We will be organising a community survey later this year, but we would like to get some quick views from you first:-

·         We have thought about the options for the Neighbourhood Plan boundary, and we want to know if you agree with our proposal.

·         We have thought about local groups, and the ways we have to consult with you easily, but we want to know if we have forgotten anything!

·         And to help us write some draft aims and objectives for the Plan, we have looked at what you said before and we want to know if you still feel this way?

We have put the boundary, consultation list, and summary of past concerns up in the village – at the institute.  They are also on the new Wray Neighbourhood Planning website.  To access this go on the Wray Village site, and click on Wray Neighbourhood Planning on the left-hand side (under ‘groups’).

On the back of this letter are 6 quick questions.  Please let us know what you think, then post the letter back to us by the 27th October (boxes are in the institute and the Post Officw) or give it to one of the Neighbourhood Planning group when you see us.

We will keep the boards and website up-to-date, do a piece in the Wrayly Mail each month, and be in touch again soon.

Thank you for your time and your help.

Wray Neighbourhood Plan Group

Please read and action – we need your help



Q1)      If you have a preference, which Neighbourhood Plan boundary do you think we should use?

            OPTION 1                                          OPTION 2                  (please circle your choice)

            If you have another option tell us what it is, and why you prefer it, here .....

Q2)      If there are any local community groups or communication groups that we missed, what are they?

Q3)      If you can think of any other important stakeholders we have missed, who are they?

Q4)      Do you agree with the summary of local issues?

            YES                                         NO                                          (please circle your choice)

            Any comments, additions or deletions?

Q5)      Do you agree with the summary of local assets?

            YES                                         NO                                          (please circle your choice)

            Any comments, additions or deletions?

Q6)      Right now, what would you say your top concerns or priorities are for the future development of our area?

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