Notes of Meeting 3 - 25 Sept 2014

Neighbourhood Planning Sub-group: Meeting 3

Note of the Meeting

Attending: Ken Hartley, Cath Halstead, Bob Smith, Jonoathon Ingham, Tamsin Hartley, James Staveley, Corrinee Singleton, Bill Bowman, Carol Wallace, Jo Posthelwaite.

Apologies: Keith Sykes, Robert Partington, Dave Hartnup, Johy Yellowley, John Holcroft.

*      Note of previous meeting: the note was agreed. 

*      Outstanding actions / info to carry over:

·         Funding - There may also be local opportunities through local business – NP group to consider who these opportunities could be…    DH is to look into the Harold Bridges Trust and see if this still is available         Action ALL & DH
·         Who else might we want/need to talk to (eg the Forest of Bowland, English Heritage etc)

·         Housing and community survey – options – on Agenda
·         Potential outline aims & objectives for discussion with the village – on Agenda
·         Community engagement plan and agreeing an outline timetable with the Council

*      Declaration of interests:
TH had spoken with Democratic Services to clarify requirements.  As not a formal Parish Council meeting no legal requirement, but expected as a matter of good practice, particularly given the potential for financial gains through development decisions.  For transparency the group must be made aware of any ‘interest’ (using the reasonable bystander test) – ie if there is a matter on the agenda that could affect the wellbeing and/or financial interest of anyone, a member of their family, or someone they have a close business/social/other contact with.

*      News, gossip and updates!
·         Everyone to see if they are coming to the NP event arranged by LCC on the 29.10.14 – registration at 6pm.  Numbers needed – let CH know.                                                 Action All

·         Discussion of survey sent by the MPs for the Upper and Lower Lune Valley.  Noted that housing numbers currently an issue with high political profile.  TH due to go to LALC meeting to determine what action they are proposing to take (in line with the minutes of their last meeting).  Will report back.                                                                                                           Action TH

·         TH has chased Locality for the (overdue) second phase form for potential Direct Support – promised for tomorrow (system issues).  Will complete as a matter of urgency as input on boundary delineation critical.                                                                                        Action TH

·         CS noted that Dynamo are a local contact group that consider projects for sustainable transport (eg cycle paths).  To contact and find out more detail.                                         Action Info File

*      Funding and finances
JI not been able to look at Locality list of funding sources due to starting new job.  To report back to next meeting.  TH meeting with voluntary sector contact tomorrow – to feedback any useful information.                                                                                                               Action JI, TH

Note:e-mail circulated by TH informing group of a funding event for community groups to be held at Hornby on the 9th October 2014 from 11 am to 4pm.  Need to pick up forms and investigate potential sources.                                                                                          Action All

As previously agreed, TH had attended the Wray Scarecrow Committee meeting on the 12.09.14 and flagged up NP requirements, overlaps of interest, and asked about potential one-off funding opportunities.  Positive expressions of support for helping the NP.  Any funding would come in 2014/15.  Invited to come to an early committee meeting (these commence in November) to discuss this further.                                                                                                     Action JI, TH

*      Communication  (Engagement & Media Plan)
·         CS has done first monthly briefing for the Wrayly Mail.  To visit school to talk about potential engagement methods and report back.                                                                         Action CS

·         CH has set up the group website as a blog-spot, after consideration of the options, and has posted initial content.  To arrange for site to be linked by Chris Conder as agreed (ie Wray Neighbourhood Plan Group to be added to the list of groups on the left-hand side on the village website).  CH to send the link to the site to the group for feedback etc.                                                                                                                                Action CH

·         Action moved back to next meeting to ensure all NPT members have looked at examples and can give their views on preferred options.  TH to send copies of examples she has saved and other potential NP groups and their plans/methodological approaches to date.                                                                                                                                                                                 Action TH
·         General discussion of requirements and constraints – including the need for reassurance on anonymity, and the need to avoid overly long surveys, both of which it was agreed would reduce response rate (based on past experience).  Need to use identification questions, then come back to smaller group in more detail as needed – eg to identify people running/planning to run a local business, then arrange more discussion/options for them specifically rather than including a lot of business questions in the base questionnaire.  Data protection may be an issue – TH to seek Council input when meeting about surveys is held with them w/c 6th October 2014 (exact date tbc).  To report back on any views/requirements Council may have.                          Action TH

·         Will need to be a general consultation on the NP boundary.  Since going out to the community decided that it would be a useful opportunity to touch base before drafting aims and objectives on potential community concerns (using analysis of previous surveys as a starting point); and to check that the group has identified all local groups and mechanisms for consultation.  TH to draft copy for group consideration and to circulate by e-mail for views.                             Action TH

·         General discussion of logistics – JS to sort printing once agreed, BS to arrange village delivery, and CH postal delivery to outlying homes (BS has addresses from electoral role).

*      Any other business: none.

*      Date of the next meeting: Thursday 9th October 2014, at 7.00 pm, Village Institute.

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